Dress Code

Students in all grades will wear uniforms everyday unless notified. 

Pants, Capris, Skirts: Navy blue or khaki; solid color. No jeans or sweatpants. Pants must be worn on the natural waistline; no sagging. Pant legs/cuffs will be above ground and in good condition.

Shorts: Navy blue or khaki; solid color. Shorts must be no shorter than 3" above the knee. 

Shirts: Must be white, navy blue or light blue and have a collar. Shirts must be a solid color; no patterns or logos of any kind.- except the school logo. Shirts may be tucked in or untucked for student comfort. Student midriff region must be covered at all times. Undershirts must not hang below the uniform shirt.

Skirts, Skorts and Jumpers: Must be solid navy blue or khaki. Must not be shorter than fingertips.

Sweatshirts: Must be solid navy blue or white. School logo sweatshirts are also permissible. All sweatshirts must have a uniform appropriate shirt worn.