Main Office


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Staff List

Name Position Email Phone Website
Bowman, Lindsay Principal & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4300  
Nelson, Ryann Assistant Principal & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4300  
Wanner, Alyssa Office Coordinator 253-571-4311  
Edenholm, Rhonda Secretary 253-571-4302  
Grade Level Learning Activities All Staff 253-571-4300  
Petrie, Adrienne Counselor 253-571-4295 Website 
Petrie, Timothy Counselor 253-571-4287 Website 
Sullivan, Debbie Nurse 253-571-4308  
Wood, Robert Matt P.E. 253-571-4293 Website 
Smolen, Emily Library 253-571-4315  
Herried, Erin Music 253-571-4294 Website 
Veit, Madison Grade 3 Teacher 253-571-4280  
Smith, Tiffanee LRC 253-571-4323  
Frigerio, Christine Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-4272  
Hartley, Amy LAP 253-571-4297  
Son, Canh ELL 253-571-4280  
Kloub, Aysha Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-4273  
Riley, David Chief Custodian 253-571-4291  
Turner, Patricia Occupational Therapist 253-571-4296  
Bartolini, Sarah SLP 253-571-4300  
McCabe, Mike Psychologist 253-571-4306  
Contreras, Stephany ECEAP Teacher 253-571-4271  
Baskovich, Melynda SUCCESS Program 253-571-4270  
Beam, Clara Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-4274 Website 
Julian, Morgan Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-4275  
Thompson, Lisa Title I 253-571-4285  
Mendenhall, Casey 1st grade Teacher 253-571-4284  
Vo, Andrew 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-4282  
Vine, Lisa 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-4283 Website 
Hunter, Krissy 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-4325 Website 
Lyon, Maureen 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-4322 Website 
Nofo, Sarah 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-4324 Website 
Haynes, Breanna 3rd/4th Grade Teacher 253-571-4313  
Kalista, Sherie 4th Grade Teacher 253-571-4319  
Nixon, Patricia 4th Grade Teacher 253-571-4318 Website 
Ross, Jordan 3rd Grade Teacher 253-571-4316  
Scheidt, Ariel 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-4317 Website 
Gray, Tracy 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-4315 Website 
Tornay, Kerry 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-4312 Website